Using Android Auto, your smartphone replaces your car’s in-dash infotainment system. By using the system, Android Auto also locks the smartphone so that it can’t be used by the driver to check notifications or send text messages while driving. While the lockscreen does a good of doing this, there is a loophole that allows users to access and fully use their smartphone…

This guide is meant to only be educational and to shed light on the loophole. Do not use this while driving by any means. We are not responsible for any harm or damage caused by any individual using their smartphone while driving.


How to use your phone while it’s plugged into Android Auto

These instructions are meant to only be used by passengers in the vehicle. Do not do this if you are the one driving. If you need to use your phone, pull over to the side of the road, put the car in park, and unplug your smartphone.

  1. Unlock the smartphone. You should be greeted by the lockscreen that looks like the photo above
  2. Press the Recent apps button. You will see a carousel of recently opened applications
  3. Tap on the home button. You will now be taken to the device’s homescreen where you can use the handset as normal. If you press the home button, it will take you back to the Android Auto lockscreen. You will need to run through these steps again to get around the lockscreen

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